Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I just can't wait...!

I had all these good intentions to write an exciting blog entry, and then I got consumed in almost a stasis of hibernation while winter has been dragging on. There have even been spectacular snow days, and I still didn’t write anything.

If you haven’t guessed by now, there’s little hope for me ever being a serial blogger. Not that that’s a goal of mine.

Anyway… so yeah! That blog I was going to write

In the last entry about exiting my 20s, I mentioned that I thought it’d be cool to go see the Lion King for my 30th birthday but decided against asking for tickets. Instead, I thought it more practical to ask for new glasses. Which I totally got. Check ‘em out:

… Just kidding. This is what I actually got.

I decided that I wanted something different from what I had before, and this was the result. I’m used to thicker framed glasses, so for the first week of wearing these babies I felt like I was looking at someone else in the mirror. In some crazy way, I attached part of my visual identity to “artsier” glasses. This was completely unexpected, and I’ve since gotten over it and love my new glasses on my face as much as I do off of my face. Although it’s very awesome that I have new specs, GUESS WHAT:


Remember how I mentioned that I told my husband to plan everything for my 30th birthday? And I was really anxious about if he was going to do anything at all? Yeah, he totally wins the gold in joining forces with friends in surprising me not just with a grown-up-version of a Lion King party – which is really awesome on its own – but ALSO  tickets to see the Lion King. Which we are going to go see TOMORROW.


Okay. Perhaps I’m disproportionately excited to see the Lion King as a 30 year old woman, but you have to understand that the Lion King was my favorite Disney film as a kid. I like to think I was busting through stereotypes without even knowing it, because though I may have liked the typical princess films I never really got into them. I was into 101 Dalmations, Aristrocats,  The Rescuers and Rescuers Down Under, and non-Disney films featuring animal characters. I was also extremely into Big Cats when the Lion King came out, so of course it was my favorite and holds a special place in my heart. But along with that, I'm also super pumped to see the costume and set designs. From what I’ve heard, the sheer artistry put into the show is pretty amazing and I want to have all my senses full present to drink it all in. Since I’ve been making stuffed animals, I hope the show will be inspiring on that end and feed into my creativity. 

I have to admit, though. I will probably cry. Especially when Mufasa dies, because even just listening to the music that accompanies the whole wildebeest scene tears me up. Seriously. And I may cry anyway out of sheer joy in going to see my first ever Broadway production.

Can't wait!

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Rachel said...

Just read this!! so glad you got to see the Lion King! love the new specs, by the way! :) they frame your face well. So nice to see you in person and see your little neighborhood the other day <3